Based in Rotterdam, multi-prize-winning classical pianist Aliya Iskhakova exudes the unshakable passion of a lifelong devotion to music. Her complex and captivating performances have long since depicted a clear connection to the art form, relaying an unwavering balance between skilful precision and evocative commitment to the cause.   

Born in 1991 and raised in Kazan, the Tatarstan Republic of Russia, Aliya started her musical journey at seven years old, embarking upon piano studies that would connect the next 17 years. Chamber music and correpetition lessons ran alongside from 2006 to 2010, after which Aliya would study at the Kazan State Conservatory under the guidance of renowned pianist Evgeni Mikhailov, répétiteur Yuzefina Sokolskaya, and chamber music teachers Faina Starateleva and Olga Pyatnizkaya.

In 2015, Bart Van De Roer took Aliya on as a student at Codarts Hogeschool voor de kunsten, and two years later, the Conservatorium van Amsterdam would call the young pianist to delve into a range of master classes from globally established musicians; Pavel Gililov, Konstantin Lifshitz and Stefan Kovacevich, to name just a few. These early influences, combined with the teachings of her last piano tutor Naum Grubert, undoubtedly helped shape Aliya’s musical prowess, ultimately leading her towards the unrivalled embrace of a live audience.  

Now noting dozens of festival performances from Russia to the Netherlands and Belgium, Aliya’s breathtaking displays have gripped audiences far and wide, seeing her take home dozens of first, second and thirds prizes at respected European competitions, such as the YPF piano competition, and France’s International Piano Competition. Along the way, Aliya has acquired grants and scholarships from multiple noteworthy foundations; her talent and work ethic help her career flourish. 

Backed by years of performing in various chamber music groups, Aliya now works exclusively as a professional pianist and performer within Duo Mong (with violinist Yulia Gubaydullina) and Aida Duo (with singer Antonia Dunjko). For Duo Mong, Aliya celebrates and introduces the unique sound of Tatar Classical Music, delivering sensational performances whilst inspiring a compassionate and forever versatile approach.